A Brief History of a Perfect Future

A Brief History
of a Perfect Future

What Parents Can Do

We hope this book will help many of you with your kids—who are, after all, why we wrote this book. As we’ve talked with our kids about their potential careers, we’ve tried to point them at big problems that are, thus, big opportunities. While we know jobs will morph in coming years and decades, a problem like the electric grid or how to redesign cities or to move the needle on health care will still be with us. The three of us were fortunate enough to find our way into information technology and innovation almost from the outset of our careers and, through some twists and turns, have been involved in—and even helped drive—some fascinating work. We think any number of problems that can be tackled through the Laws of Zero and future histories can provide a focal point for the same sort of fruitful careers to our kids and yours.


We also hope we’ve engaged you in thinking about what we see as the most profound problems—and opportunities—of our time. We think this book addresses the issues with our kids. Tim’s son sees him understanding the existential threat of climate change. Paul’s daughters know he gets that there’s no Planet B. And Chunka’s daughter is at least less inclined to wag her finger at him and say that, if he’s really a futurist, then he’d better not screw up hers.


We encourage you to share your copy of the book with your kids, in the hopes that it helps you and your kids find the same sort of common ground.

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