A Brief History of a Perfect Future

A Brief History
of a Perfect Future

About the Authors

Chunka Mui

Chunka Mui is a futurist and innovation advisor who helps design and stress test organizational missions and strategies aimed at making the world a much better place. He is cofounder of and partner in the Future Histories Group. He is also the coauthor of four other books, including Billion Dollar Lessons and Unleashing the Killer App.

Paul B. Carroll

Paul B. Carroll was an award- winning journalist who spent 17 years as a reporter and editor at The Wall Street Journal. As a cofounder of and partner in the Future Histories Group, Paul now helps organizations shape their futures. He is the author or coauthor of five other books, including Big Blues: The Unmaking of IBM and Billion Dollar Lessons.

Tim Andrews

Tim Andrews is a technology leader in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Civilian Services business. He’s an expert in emerging technology and innovation, and large scale system design and development. Tim helps advance client missions through pragmatic use of leading edge technology.

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